Symphony No. 54 “In Full Bloom"

Symphony No. 54 “In Full Bloom"

I believe the creation of a collection each season is nothing short of a miracle. You realize, I've watched my mother design all of my life, but the convergence of magic with the development of an actual garment never ceases to amaze me. It's art, it's heartbreak, it's awesome!
Veronica and Ines Di Santo

What you may not know, and please, do find it hard to believe, that as soon as one collection is developed, another starts its birth. Fashion is the circle of life: birth death, renewal and my mother and I would have it no other way. We bring to life a vision for each and every collection. 

Ines Di Santo in her atelier
This season our brand celebrates its 54th collection. That means since launching her namesake label, my mother and her amazing team have created upwards of 1600 gowns - gasp, gasp. She breathes life into the finest fabrics, lace, and embroideries.
Ines Di Santo Team
Gown detail
Ines Di Santo Team
This collection we've named  Symphony No. 54 “In Full Bloom" and we hope you will think it as glorious as we do.
Ines Di Santo in her atelier
The collection is a meticulous and delicate composition of hand painted floral details, dimensional beading and fabric manipulation techniques. An exuberant bouquet that celebrates love lived in full bloom.
Bodice with flowers - gown in the making
Ines Di Santo sewing a gown
Ines Di Santo fixing a dress
Orchestrating her signature design elements and celebrated dramatic proportions, my mother looks to create a collection that crescendos into Spring with a vibrant display of color and texture. All for you the bride to be, that woman who is one the threshold of a new life's chapter.
Ines Di Santo working on a bride
My mother always says, you can't design a dress, especially a wedding dress, without knowing the full responsibility that is being entrusted to you by a bride to be. I have come to learn what a precious thing that is.
Ines Di Santo in her atelier
Ines Di Santo in her atelier
At Ines Di Santo, we think every bride should feel like a flower in full bloom, beautiful and perfectly unique. We live in a hothouse everyday so why not come into full, beautiful blossom on your special wedding day?


With love and gratitude,

Veronica Di Santo
Photos by Collin Pierson
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