Celebrating this International Women's day with all of you

Celebrating this International Women's day with all of you

They say a mother's treasure is her daughter, but I have always felt I'm the rich one. I not only share my soul with my mother, but now her life's work.

Singer Sewing Machine

From the beginning there was only my mother, me and a discarded sewing machine. My mom left her home in Argentina, pregnant and almost penniless, with a dream to start a new life for herself and the soon-to-be me in Toronto, Canada. Can you imagine? My eyes well up just thinking of this young woman in that situation and not just any woman, but My Mother! There were so many scary political problems happening in Argentina at that time that she decided she had to leave - without money, her husband, and family - knowing only how to make dresses because she had studied in Paris and Italy. It's so hard to see this steel in the woman who hugs me. She needed to dream, to make fashion and to create a life for me.

Ines and Veronica Di Santo
Image: Collin Pierson

I was and am, so attached to my mother. I literally grew up at her side, playing on the floor beneath at her Atelier, beneath the sewing machine she rescued from the trash. That magical machine that somehow appeared when she needed it most. It not only sewed, but truly sowed the seeds of the business that I am now the Managing Partner of. 

Yes, every part of this business is in my soul, my very DNA. I even made the jewelry in the beginning, to coordinate with my mother's gowns, but the truth is, you too have been on this journey with us. Each gown is the embodiment of our relationship, our tenacity and passion to make the magic. I have the DNA, but so does every gown we create and we want you to know the depths of our love. I like to think our good fortune brings each gown good fortune.

Why now do I reflect? Why after so many decades together, working together side by side, do I feel the need to look back? I think I feel, as you may too, that life today just moves so very fast. I feel I have to consciously force myself to reflect, to count my blessings and remember how very far we have come.

Ines and Veronica Di Santo

Image: Mike Colon

I am awed to have seen her humble dream become so much more. We are now a global brand. They say your relationship changes with your mother as you get older. I can say ours has only deepened and I am so immensely proud of what she has accomplished every. single. day. 

I think I just needed to share this because my story, our story, of family and love is really your story too. 

We are proud to celebrate this International Women's day with all of you.


Veronica Di Santo