Postcards by Ines

Postcards by Ines

Introducing the Spring 2023 Collection


For Spring 2023, capturing the art of joy with a wandering spirit and celebratory eye is especially poignant. And Ines is capturing the design possibilities in Postcards by Ines, her latest collection which is always glamourous, always luxurious and this year, full of reflection and haute optimism.

Discover the Couture Collection


This collection sparks memories of Ines’ favourite cities. Buenos Aires is where she spent her childhood and discovered the essence of the fearless feminine spirit. And the dress of the same name, is equally fearless. A cathedral skirt with watercolour flourishes will float down the aisle with the same whimsy and energy as the city that dances after dusk while a cold shoulder corset adds spirited sensuality. More dresses that flirt with the allure of Buenos Aires: Alexandra, Evita, Estefania, Juliette and Aiesha.

ParisParis is where she trained and mastered her couture sensibility. And Paris, the dress, is a truly haute execution. A sweetheart ballgown with detachable puff sleeves, is an exercise in proportion that doesn’t require embellishment because it possesses the chic swish of a full skirt that contrasts with satin-wrapped bodice that accentuates the waist. More dresses that express the same well-balanced beauty with Parisienne charm: Amandine, Romina, Reine, Manon and Antoinette. 

Leone and Yamilla

And in Dubai, where modern impulses intersect with traditional ornamentation, she was inspired to mix graphic design lines with traditional flourishes. The bridal gown, Dubai, experiments with these eye-catching tensions too. A high low gown demands masterful and architectural structure to float above the knee and then magically trail to the floor while 3D organza petals add an ornate flourish and soft finish. More dresses that embrace the modern playfulness of Dubai: Zaha, Mavia, Yamila, Faiza and Badia.

Discover the Ines by Ines Di Santo Collection


Other worldly inspiration and Ines’ creative journey is at the heart of Wonderland. Full of wonder and playful curiosity, this collection of spring bridal dresses is full of surprising and delightful details such as Edith, which at first glance is a classic and strapless sweetheart sheath, however an opulent overskirt in the lightest sky blue, lends light-as-air drama.


Lakia is an embellished A-line and V-neck gown, with sheer shoulder details that leave a whimsical trail with every step. And Rocio, Malikia and Felicity have corsets that echo the fit and intimacy of the most intricate lingerie, with embellished skirts that float elegantly to the floor. Whether you’re a classic, modern or red carpet bride, there’s a whimsical touch that will find a place in your heart.

Clarette and Edith

Together, both collections create a vision that dares to jumps from one time zone to the next and with every design leap, Ines embraces every bride in a globetrotting ode to love.

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Ines Di Santo - Spring 2023
Ines by Ines Di Santo - Spring 2023