Spring 2025 Unveiled: Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Collection

Spring 2025 Unveiled: Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Collection

Ahhhhh Spring is in the air - Spring 2025 that is! April marks our return to the runway of New York Fashion Week Luxury Bridal. And for you, our Very Special Brides-to-Be an insider of the behind the scenes.

We call this collection "Romanticism Unveiled" and it coincides with a completely immersive experience we will be creating as we show the collection on models and projection mapping.

In this digital age of algorithms, AI, and an abundance of screens, Ines wants to explore the expression of her imagination and the very essential human aspect of creativity amplified by modern technology, blending the two worlds as seamlessly as possible. Mind-blowing right? That's Ines, always creating a wonder! The goal is to use technology as a tool to enhance our collection of gowns to celebrate our heritage of craft and construction.

To create the collection, she started by studying the 5 core characteristics of the artistic and intellectual movement: focus on individuality, emphasis on nature, emotion over reason, freedom of form and exploration into the unknown. Yes, My. Mother. Amazes. Me. Every. Day.

As we developed the fabric, it led us to adapt and push the limits of modern embroidery. Laser cutting machines have created new layered fabrications, which we pair with both hand painted and hand beaded details. Sounds astounding and it is! Wait until you see the full result.

This is our vision for how the future of fashion can marry the art of hand craft and technology through the imagination of Ines Di Santo, who I always proudly call Mom.

Hope you enjoyed this petit peek!
Veronica x