Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Do you know how the tradition of having a bridal shower started?
I didn't until I started researching around. It actually dates back to 16th Century Belgium. A young woman wished to marry, but her father refused to provide a dowry for a marriage he opposed. Learning of this, the citizens of the small village “showered” her with hundreds of small gifts to begin her new life with her love, which, when combined, were far more valuable than her dowry - truly proving love conquers all.

Real bride wears Lapis. Photo by James Gough
Real Bride wears Larissa. Photo by Jana Williams.
Today the bridal shower is part of the wedding festivities and should be part of its storytelling. My advice? Consult with the bride to get her input on the guest list, theme, and any specific preferences she may have. The bridal shower should reflect her personality and preferences. You'll thank me, I promise.

Model wears Capital. Photo courtesy by Tesori Bridal.
Model wears Estelle. Photo courtesy by Mark Ingram Atelier.

Next, select a date and time that works not only for the bride, but the important guests. Typically, bridal showers are held a few weeks before the wedding. Today there are so many themes and trends for showers! The rule is there is no rule:

Real bride wears Evita. Photo by Anny Choi.
Real bride wears Cello. Photo by Jeff Brummett.

And if that’s not enough party possibilities, “wedding showers” that celebrate  both soonlyweds are becoming a thing too. The guest lists may differ somewhat between a wedding shower and a bridal shower, but one shower etiquette rule remains: Those invited to any shower must be invited to the actual wedding. However, not all wedding guests need to be invited to the shower. Got that? Phew!

Model wears Bowie
But let's not forget one of the most important things. What should the bride-to-be wear to her shower? 

While wearing white is a traditional choice, I say feel free to choose an outfit in colors that match the theme or your mood. If it's a garden party? Bloom out and wear florals. But most of all, be comfortable! You want to move and enjoy every second of the celebration.

Model wears Wing Mini. Photo courtesy by Ultimate Bride Chicago.
Models wear Capital and Reflection. Photo by Collin Pierson.
And that’s why Ines Di Santo loves designing – something to wear for the shower and down the aisle!

Model wears Carla. Photo by Ines Di Santo.
Model wears Finite. Photo by Collin Pierson.

Just remember to have fun and enjoy this moment with your loved ones...
With love, Veronica x