Eco-Chic: Elevating Style with Sustainable Dress Choices

Eco-Chic: Elevating Style with Sustainable Dress Choices

I don't know about you, but I am forever aware that we only have one planet and must handle it with care. Each. Second. Every. Day.

As a brand, we are trying to do our small part. One can still have beauty and elegance with a focus on sustainability.

I want you to know, my dear fellow earthlings, that it is top of mind for us at Ines Di Santo as we do our job for you. We strive to layer more and more sustainable practices into our collections.

We are now utilizing eco-satin which is a Satin-back crepe made from 70% recycled plastic and viscose, a sustainable fabric derived from wood pulp. We can masterfully tailor this fabric into flirtatious shapes that beautifully drape your body. Thanks to its fluid weight and movement it is ideal for sensual and modern gowns. Never sacrificing the luxuriousness we're known for.

We’re so grateful that our fabric mills have risen to the challenge to create fabrics that bring Ines' vision to life, as well as preserving our planet. Conscious glamour for you, our brides.

Did you know the fashion industry accounted for one-third of the overall sustainability conversations in the past year? To me, this indicates how open this industry I love is to change! By embracing sustainability in fashion, we can create a more responsible and ethical business that supports the planet and its people. 

May we co-exist with care for one another and our planet!
Veronica x