Lipstick Day: A Bold Legacy from Ines

Lipstick Day: A Bold Legacy from Ines

I'm celebrating a new holiday this year, even though I've actually been celebrating it for as long as I can remember. It's International Lipstick Day today, July 29th, and lipstick has always meant the world to me. Lipstick and bold color have always been my Mom’s 'thing.' She wears every bright red or bold pink shade with confidence and a big smile and I basically never see her without it, ever. She says lipstick rejuvenates. Swipe it on and feel better. She even believes it enhances your outfit. Yes, Mom's a true believer! And I AM my mother's daughter. 

Ines and Veronica Di Santo at NYBFW 2023. Photo by Collin Pierson

Did you know there's even a Lipstick Effect, also called the Lipstick Index? It's an economic indicator that when facing an economic crisis consumers will still tend to buy small luxury items even during an economic downturn. From the Great Depression to now, it still holds true. Who knew?

It's just amazing to me the impact a beautiful lip can have. I think it totally enlivens the face, don't you? A well-defined lip can say "I feel beautiful," right? I think as a bride, you should wear your very favorite color on your wedding day. One that is solely yours. You can experiment to find that perfect shade that says LOOK AT ME NOW! It doesn't even have to be a bold shade. Before selecting your lip color for your wedding day, take these tips into consideration:

1.Longevity: Look for a long-wearing or transfer-proof formula to ensure your lipstick stays put throughout the day and doesn't smudge easily, especially during all the hugging and kissing that happens at weddings.

Real bride Kara Duncan wears Blaze. Photo by Tyler Aryai

2.Comfort: Your wedding day can be long and eventful, so choose a lipstick that feels comfortable on your lips. Matte lipsticks, for example, can be long-wearing but might feel drying to some people.

Real bride Caiti wears Leone. Photo by Sydney Whitten

3.Photography: Keep in mind that certain lipstick colors may look different in photographs due to lighting. Test your chosen lipstick in natural light and with flash photography to ensure you like how it appears in pictures.

Real bride Medena Kovačević wears Amandine. Photo by Kerri Carlquist

4.Kiss-Proof: If you're planning on kissing your partner (which is quite likely on your wedding day!), ensure the lipstick is kiss-proof and won't transfer onto your partner's face or clothing.

Real Bride Ilgim Simnick wears Sanibel. Photo by Monica Menendez.

5. Consider Season and Time: If your wedding is during the day or in the summer, you might want to choose a lighter or more natural shade. For evening or winter weddings, you can opt for bolder and richer hues.

Real Bride Krish Tava wears Eleanora. Photo by Mugunthan Sundaran

6.Touch-Up Kit: Prepare a touch-up kit with your chosen lipstick, lip liner, and a small mirror. Delegate someone trustworthy, like a bridesmaid or family member, to carry it for you during the day for quick touch-ups.

Real bride Daniela Charur. Photo by Manuel Aldana.

The Bobbi Brown Makeup Team who makes our models even more beautiful at all our fashion presentations share their secrets to the perfect lip here.

Cassandra Garcia for Bobbi Brown. Photo by Collin Pierson

So pucker up and just remember to keep lipstick away from your actual gown! Ha, that's a blog for another day - how to remove stains from....

Your's in lip color

Xo Veronica


PS - my go to shade? Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip - Boss Pink