Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses: How to Capture Dreamy Beach Weddings

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses: How to Capture Dreamy Beach Weddings

It's the end of August, the last month of SUMMER, and I'm thinking about brides who are going to be married on a beach somewhere. Well, my gorgeous beach babes, Ines Di Santo has some fabulous looks for you! Of course

Whether you'll be in Maui, St. Lucia, or New Jersey, allow me to share my favorites...

The ocean has a romantic quality to it. It’s huge, magnificent, and mind-blowing. What if your wedding dress was equally vast and dramatic? I adore ARPEGGIO from our Ines by Ines Di Santo collection. You'll be the chicest mermaid on the beach.

Also from Ines by Ines Di Santo, JAZZ. You can even build a sandcastle in it, I swear!

LEGATO is also on my list. The sleeveless halter neck design not only complements the beach's breezy setting but also allows for comfort and ease of movement. The soft trumpet silhouette adds a hint of sophistication, while the accent flower detail enhances the dress's beauty with a touch of nature-inspired charm.

If you want to add a touch of colour to your big day, CRESCENDO is a great contender. The print on the gown adds a pop of personality and charm, mirroring the natural beauty of the beach surroundings. The trumpet silhouette provides a touch of glamour while allowing you to move freely and comfortably on the sandy shores.

But top of my list is our BRIO gown. The lightweight and airy design, along with the delicate streamers, will perfectly complement the beach's natural backdrop and create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. It's a shore thing in Santorini or Corfu! From sea to shining sea indeed.

In addition to selecting the perfect dress, there's another crucial decision to consider: photography. Capturing your significant day for eternity is a wonderful achievement, and although beach weddings boast breathtaking beauty, they can also pose certain unique challenges. I asked Collin Pierson, my photographer friend, to share his thoughts for a perfect beach wedding photo. Keep these in mind my dears as the sand beckons you and your betrothed:

1. What unique challenges do beach weddings present compared to other types of weddings?
Oh my goodness! Beach weddings are such a gorgeous way to celebrate a marriage, but there are a few things to mention. Firstly, I think of challenges as opportunities to further tell the story of a wedding day, so things like inclement weather, harsh sun, & heat are always top of the list. Believe it or not, one thing most couples don’t think of is the wind. Yes, you heard that right, good ol’ Mother Nature has an invisible challenge that can blow your hair out, cause flowers to fly, and sand too. So while you may think of the obvious issues, keep in mind the wind in picking not only your venue but your beach location. Some spots are slightly more protected compared to others. 
Editorial shoot for Bridal Barcelona with the Ziva gown. Photos by Dejan.

2. What practical considerations should the bride and groom consider when planning a beach wedding?
Great question! Practically speaking, an experienced wedding planner is your best friend. My wife Michelle Durpetti of Michelle Durpetti Events, has been a wedding planner for 15 years and having that expert who can handle not only timelines but also the logistics of a destination wedding, is incredibly invaluable. Another major thing to consider is that a beach wedding while you may think that doing destination is a more cost-effective option, the old mantra of “you get what you pay for” really applies abroad. Investing in your vendors is not only a way to ensure your happiness and experience but also for your guests as well.
Real Bride Katheryn wears Margot. Photos by P|S Photography + Films.

3. How do you adapt your photography style to capture the essence of a beach wedding?
My style is always very classic, very romantic, and very timeless, incorporating a bit of editorial with lots of candid photojournalism. Those same pillars stylistically translate right over to a beach wedding because, frankly, beach weddings can be so romantic and have so much fun to work with.
Robin & Cape
Real Bride Arwa wears Robin & Cape. Photos by Paulina Weddings.

4. Are there any particular time slots that are ideal for beach weddings to take advantage of the best lighting conditions?
I think lighting conditions are not necessarily the main factor, but more so temperature. What is most comfortable for you and your guests? A quality photographer will be able to use their skill set to capture your wedding day properly, no matter the time of day (or night!)
Yamilla dress
Real Bride Annie Volpe wears Yamilla. Photos by Tiffany Maysonet.

5. Do you have any favourite beach wedding locations or venues you love to shoot at?
Absolutely - and they can be in places around the world! The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida, is a gorgeous venue with both the beach and the old-world feel of an Italian villa. In St. Maarten, The Morgan Resort is a gorgeous option. In Mexico, I love the Four Seasons in Punta Mita.
Real Bride Grace Barretti wears Elen. Photos by White on Black Studio.

6. What are some creative ways you incorporate the beach setting into your wedding photos?
Taking all of the family photos by the beach provides a unique backdrop that can carry over really well to what you work with your photographer to print from your gallery. The beach can also be incorporated into an engagement session or your day-of photoshoot as well. 
Real Bride Sol Carmona wears Chiara. Photos by Caro Navarro.

7.How can the bride and groom ensure that their beach wedding photos turn out beautifully and reflect the essence of the location?
Dressing appropriately is one of the biggest things - choosing attire appropriate for a day in the sand and also, choosing hair and makeup selections that work well in warm and sometimes humid environments as well. Don’t work against the water, work with the waves!
Real Bride Stephanie Lewis wears Nera. Photos by Ximena Zermeno.

8. What backup plans should the bride and groom have in case of inclement weather during their beach wedding?
When choosing a wedding venue for your beach wedding, most of the time, there is a “rain plan” location. That should be addressed upon your first visit or inquiry with the location you are investigating. The teams at resorts and locations are pros at judging the weather. Let them guide you on the best practices for their location.
Real Bride Ursula wears Passion. Photos by Whitney and Matsaya.

9. Are there any techniques you use to ensure the bride's hair and makeup stay perfect on the photos despite the beach's natural elements?
I always recommend they fly-in or use a hair/makeup artist that they know. I can’t tell you how many times there has been a language barrier or a day of “hi, nice to meet you” that has ended up in a lost-in-translation situation of what the hair and makeup expectation was to what was delivered. This is, in my opinion, the most important to get the look you want for your beach wedding day.
Real Bride Reva wears Smitten. Photos by Zofia Photo.

10. From the photos you have taken so far, do you believe there is a specific dress style brides prefer to wear on beach weddings?
I see a lot of different styles, but one thing I keep coming back to is the quality of the materials. The way a dress moves through sand depends on the materials used and the quality of such. I think brides gravitate to lighter materials and more wind-affected attire because it literally moves with the wind, and that translates so well to photos!
Real Bride Selen wears Want. Photos by June Weddings.

That's why they say sharing is caring x To the beach and beyond, Veronica.