Year End Message

Year End Message

Feeling Oh, So Grateful...

I would like to take time to reflect, as Confucius says:
By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest...

As I reflect, in my mind's eye, I see a past year of highs and lows, for such is life. In this oh, so harsh world, let me emphatically state: you make it a better place!

Ines and Veronica Di Santo
Photos by Collin Pierson

Ines Di Santo Team at Spring 24 Bridal Market
Photo by Collin Pierson

You, my family, my co-workers, my team, our clients - all the YOUs in my orbit. You are my gifts not only this holiday season, but every second of the year and I want to give you my gift of love. Share it. Spread it. It's absolutely what the world needs now. It costs nothing, yet is the rarest and most precious gift of all.

Ines and Veronica Di Santo at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week
Photos by Collin Pierson and Madyson Aycoth

Ines and Veronica Di Santo and Team at NYBFW Fall 24
Photos by Collin Pierson

I want to thank you for reminding me time and time again that, yes, there is love in the world and it is with grit and resolve that we tirelessly pursue a better tomorrow.

Ines and Veronica Di Santo and team at NBFW Fall 24
Photos by Collin Pierson

No matter what holiday you are celebrating in these coming weeks - LOVE to you all.

With the very warmest wishes for a new year of joy