The Cake Dress is Rising!

The Cake Dress is Rising!

A Capella Ines Di Santo Ball Gown

A Capella Spring 2024 Couture Collection

I have to admit, when I first heard the term cake dress this is what I envisioned, but really, it is so much more.  
We're learning that you, my dear brides-to-be, are looking for an entire Wedding Wardrobe and of course, you've come to the right place! Many will now wear more than one dress on your wedding day.
Certainly top of the list is a ceremony dress, perhaps something that leans more to the conservative side, especially if it involves a religious aspect. Maybe add a veil to make a statement?
Ashlar ad Alia gowns by Ines Di Santo
Ashlar Gown from Fall 2024 Couture Collection. Photo by Easelle Cho Alia Gown from Spring 2023 Couture Collection. Photo by Studio Goyou
Chiara and Marta dresses by Ines Di Santo

Real bride Shelby wears Chiara. Photo by Blaine Siesser

Real bride Tali Baum wears Marta. Photo by Barb Simkova

Then, between the ceremony and the reception, or just after your grand entrance, brides are changing into another look for the cocktail service. This can be something more comfortable and easy, and maybe a little sexier or less traditional, shall we say.
Hayley and Derek Hough wedding. Robin dress by Ines Di Santo

Haley Erbert and Derek Hough's wedding. Haley wears Robin for her Wedding Dinner.

I totally love that brides are donning a third dress, for the last part of the wedding. This is the dress that gets even sexier, an all-out, no holds barred, Va-Va-Va-VOOM! This, sweet ones, is The Cake Dress. And the perfect time to make this wardrobe change? Just before the cake cutting, hence its name. Wow your new partner with another side of you and watch the sparks fly.
Hazel and Desmond Green wedding. Hazel wears Eleanora by Ines Di Santo

Hazel and Draymond Green's wedding. Hazel wears a custom Eleanora. Photo by Stanlo Photography.

We're always at your service. We want to help you make it your dream day in every way we can.
Here's to making memories, with love, Veronica
There is, by the way, a fourth dress a bride can wear. It is called: The Getaway Dress, but that's another story...