The Magic of Couture: Behind the Scenes with Ines Di Santo

The Magic of Couture: Behind the Scenes with Ines Di Santo

How does the magic happen? I mean that's what I call it. How could I not? I have seen my mother create over thousands of dresses in my lifetime. Season. After. Season. Each dress more beautiful and unique than another. 

My mother is a couturier in every sense of the word.
I love saying that. It rolls off the tongue, right? But I have seen first hand the toil and effort.
  1. a fashion designer who creates clothes that have been tailored to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

    “clothes of luxurious fabrics, cut to fit them to perfection”
My mother weaves inspiration into every creation. The gowns take life from her vision, but it's a complicated needle to thread.
Our skilled team makes each garment mindfully and with intention.
The seamstresses transform fabric and hand craftsmanship and creates magic  every step of the way.
It is with great pride and reverence, that we translate what is in my mother's mind's eye into something that is wearable to be revealed first to an audience of press, our retail accounts and eventually to you, our dear brides. You are the ultimate reason for these creations.

After endless steps and challenges, the gown must weave its way into the heart of the bride and we are humbled each and every time you chose to wear  Ines Di Santo.

We are so excited for you to see our Fall 2024 collection later this month... Ines Di Santo: Modern Perspective.
With endless gratitude and love x Veronica
Photos by Madison Aycoth