Embracing Luxury & Sustainability

Embracing Luxury & Sustainability

How we’re doing our part to make a difference.

We’ve reached a magical moment when luxury is synonymous with sustainability and our design team can create gowns that embrace your big day while being mindful of the planet for future brides and generations to come. 

We’re so grateful that fabric mills have risen to the challenge and mastered ways to create the sheen, body and texture our gowns demand with responsible and responsibly-sourced fibres. For example, the art and science of making an oh-so-soft and shimmering satin-backed crepe fabric with recycled plastic is giving us the gift of glamour and sustainability at once.  As a result, we’re on a mission to become more eco-friendly and can now weave this goal into stunning shapes tailored to our brides. We’re committed to making a difference and are proud to give you the choice to feel striking in a gown that brings us one step closer to preserving the environment.  Here are all the ways you can shine on your big day with gowns made to grace your curves—and hug the planet, too.

The Gowns: Magdelen & Hampton from our Ines by Ines Di Santo Spring 2021 Collection.

Featuring: Polyester filament yarn made from 75% recycled plastic PET bottles.

Why we love this fabric: Boasting plenty of structure and shine, it helps us execute the graphic impact of an oversized bow and the haute couture effect of a dramatic drape without sacrificing glamour.

The Gowns: Shine & Solstice from our Ines by Ines Di Santo Fall 2021 Collection.

Featuring: Satin back crepe woven from pre-consumer recycled viscose yarn and acetate fibers derived from wood cellulose sourced from forests where logging is carefully planned, fauna is respected and there is no wild exploitation of human resources.

 Why we love this fabric: It’s soft, silky and with enough heft to create dresses that elegantly skim the body and a finish that shimmers down the aisle.

The Gowns: Kore selections, Bowie & Isla from our Ines By Ines Di Santo Spring 2022 Collection.

Featuring: Satin back crepe made from 70% recycled plastic and viscose, a sustainable fabric derived from wood pulp.

Why we love this fabric: We can tailor flirtatious shapes that beautifully drape your body thanks to its fluid weight and movement ideal for sensual and modern gowns.

Visit our salons to experience the look and feel of conscious glamour and we promise that this season and beyond, our team is keeping an eye on responsible solutions and fabrics that won't sacrifice an inch of our love for luxury, design, and most of all, our brides.