Summer Weddings

Summer Weddings

Fall In Love on a Sun-kissed Beach

If you’ve always been a summer girl in need of ocean breezes blowing through your hair and grains of sand ever-between your toes, than a summer island wedding is just the thing I’d say! Declaring your love on a sun-kissed beach sounds delightful, oui? 

And to look ever so cool on your big day, we've got the perfect wardrobe for you dear bride-to-be. Short and flirty, or long and light, we have all the options for your blissful beach destination. 

Model wears Canto. Photo by Colette Marie.
Real Bride wears Sanibel. Photo by Bandon Scott.

For instance, Necker Island, the famed private island in the Caribbean owned by Sir Richard Branson may be the ultimate exclusive barefoot luxury experience. For you and your guests, flying in via private jet is just about as exclusive as it gets. 

Real Bride wears Nera. Photo by Kristen Weaver.
Real Bride wears Robin. Photo by Paula.

When it comes to untouched landscapes, Dominica — nicknamed the “Nature Island” — stands apart. Its lush landscape includes volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, and black sand beaches. Say ahhh. Stay at the Secret Bay in Portsmouth, consistently ranked No. 1 for Best Hotel in the Caribbean.

Real Bride wears Sanibel. Photo by Daniel Ramires.
Real Bride wears Margherita. Photo by Dimitri and Sandra.

Want more to see and be seen? Then maybe the Mandarin Oriental in Canouan, Grenadines is just the thing. To be honest, they had me at iconic pink umbrellas. Near Glossy Bay, there’s also a 120-slip marina with luxury stores and restaurants for all your personal satisfaction.

Real Bride wears Lea. Photo by Gor Antonyan.

With more than 7000 islands in the Caribbean Sea, one will surely fit your dream wedding and we’ll make sure you've packed the perfect dress!

Yours in sweet sand, Veronica x

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